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FREE domain name registration with all new hosting packages in May

Free domain name registrationPlett Web Hosting is offering one FREE domain name registration with all new hosting packages ordered in May.

We wanted to offer this a month ago, on the first of April, but we figured people would think it was an April Fools joke, so we waited till now to bring you this great special.

The deal is, with every new hosting package ordered from 1 May to 31 May, you’ll get a domain name of your choice absolutely FREE! That’s a saving of R119.00!

Choose from one of our 4 standard packages:

  1. Budget (250Mb + 1 email) @ R490/yr
  2. Basic (500Mb + 2 emails) @ R590/yr
  3. Standard (1Gb + 5 emails) @ R790.00/yr
  4. Business (2Gb + 10 emails) @ R1,090.00/yr

To get your free domain name simply email or call Brendon on 082 489 2655 for more details.



Plett Videos on PlettTube

Where do I go when I want to watch video clips on Plett? The obvious answer is YouTube, isn’t it? Well, yes and no. YouTube probably hosts the largest number of video clips on the planet, so it makes sense that if you’re looking for a video you’ll find it there. But once you’re on YouTube, that’s when you search has only just begun. Try sifting through the billions of hours of video footage and you could be in for a long afternoon, so you’d better have enough popcorn ready.

Plett Downhill Rage 2014

Plett Downhill Rage 2014

Speaking of which, popcorn is good for cleaning your teeth. Not so good for your blood pressure if you like it salty like I do! But I digress. We’re here to discuss video clips and how to find them. And that’s where PlettTube enters the conversation. Plett what? Well, chances are if you’re reading this article you’ve heard of Plett, the peaceful seaside town that everyone from locals to holiday makers to foreigners like to call home (or at least their second home). If you’ve visited Plett, you’ll feel like a local and you’ll want to come back. Apologies, once again I’m having difficulty staying on topic. The videos: You’re searching for clips on Plett and YouTube is looking like the proverbial haystack. Enter PlettTube, the only web resource dedicated to showing quality videos about our awesome holiday village.

Sasfin Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival

Sasfin Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival

So, who is PlettTube aimed at? Well, it’s for the holidaymaker who’s planning a trip to Plett and wondering what activities are on offer. It’s for the couple planning a weekend getaway who want to visit during a wine festival. It’s for the sporting enthusiast who’s preparing for a cycle race in the area. But it’s also just for the annual visitor who needs a mid-year fix of that Plett feeling. All they need to do is visit and they’ll find a bunch of quality videos for every category you can think of.

And it’s for you! The person who just wants to share their Plett experience with the world; because PlettTube allows you to register and share your YouTube and Vimeo clips on it. And once you’ve registered you can comment on videos, like, and share them on Facebook and other social media.

Plett Color Run

Plett Color Run

But the best part about it is you don’t need two hands to watch video clips on PlettTube – you just need one hand to click. This allows your other hand to concentrate on the snacks… so it looks like you’ll need that batch of popcorn after all!

Plett - It's a Feeling!

Plett Web Hosting for Tourism

Plett - It's a Feeling!For the past year Plett Web Hosting has been proudly hosting the official website of Plett Tourism ( and providing updates and maintenance on their website. We’ve really enjoyed being part of the new “Plett – It’s a feeling” campaign which launched in about April 2013.

Things got even better when, in August, we were asked to design and develop their new website, which is planned to launch in November 2013. With only a few weeks to come up with a new design theme, and even less time to implement the actual development, things have been pretty frantic in the office!

But we’re making great headway and we’re super excited about the way things are turning out! We can’t show you a preview of the site just yet (that’s top secret), but we can tell you that we think it’s going to blow you away with a whole new visual experience, much better layout of all the great accommodation Plett has to offer, a brand new way of showcasing all the fantastic activities Plett has hidden away, as well as an awesome new Events and Festivals section so that tourists and locals can find out exactly what’s on in Plett at a glance.

Phew, after that mouthful, we need to get back to work! So watch this space – Tourism in Plett is getting a face lift, and we’re at the coal face making it all happen online!

Plett – It’s a feeling!